Brains & Beards was founded in 2015 by two nerds as a way to share their vision of lean mobile development and a workplace where developers have fun at work. A place where you can constantly improve your knowledge, share what you've learned with others, but as well play games and keep your life-work balance.

Since 2015 we helped 20+ companies to achieve their goals. Our clients, among others, come from medical and health sectors, fintech, mobility, e-commerce, social networks.

We strive to be the friendly React Native Specialists of the internet, and we are looking for a leader for one of our React Native teams. You will work alongside other developers on our clients' projects, helping out with your knowledge, improving architecture, setup and automation. It will be your responsibility to make sure your team is doing well and the project's going smoothly.

📕 Position description

Your daily work will include:

  1. Work on client's project, making sure the right things are developed, with the right architecture and up to high quality standards
  2. Help client with concept work and prevent potential development problems in the early stage to make sure our work can be carried out without problems
  3. Be the main contact person for the client
  4. Maintain a professional and friendly relationship between Brains & Beards and our clients
  5. Manage a team of 2-3 developers, helping them do their best work

✅ Requirements

Must have

Without those you may struggle in this position

  1. Friendly and open-minded personality
  2. Deep knowledge of mobile application architecture
  3. Proficiency in written and spoken English
  4. Several years of expertise in building and maintaining React Native applications
  5. Several years of experience in working with fellow developers

Should have